SLUSIK project launch

CEV, in collaboration with 6 other partner organisations and universities based in Belgium, Croatia, Ireland, Spain, Austria and Slovakia have recently launched “SLUSIK: Service Learning Upscaling Social Inclusion for Kids”, a project co-funded by the EU’s Erasmus+ Social Inclusion programme and led by CEV.

Partners meeting took place on the 18th of March in online environment. 

The partners went over all the logistical, contractual and procedural arrangements, management tools that ensure coordination among the multiple stakeholders, streamline processes and allow efficient implementation of the project activities.

The research and analysis of the state of the art of service learning and how it contributes to social inclusion of young people. The final outcome of in depth analysis on the existing practices and curricula in service learning with an additional reflection on the EU related policies, recommendations and results was revised. 

The plan for the implementation of Teacher and Role Model Training Toolkit in different languages with the aim to prepare the teachers and role models to deliver service-learning modules in schools to young people was detailed. Training Toolkit that will include: 

  • Information about what is service learning,
  • Guidance on developing and maintaining relations with local  community, grassroots organisations and conducting needs  assessments
  • Guidance on how to set learning objectives, social inclusion  elements and following “learning to learn” principles. 
  • Guidance on non-formal education methodology and  principles
  • Training framework for the preparation of the role models and  teachers

Piloting the service-learning model in schools, along with Quality Assurance, Monitoring & Evaluation procedures and how to ensure the Visibility & Sustainability of the project was discussed. 

The next meeting for SLUSIK has been set for April. 

The SLUSIK Project, co-funded by the Erasmus+ Programme of the European Union, is led by the CEV (Belgium) in collaboration with Out of the Box International (Belgium), Rijeka University (Croatia) , University of Limerick (Ireland), University of Granada (Spain), University College of Teacher Education, Vienna (Austria), Matej Bel University (Slovakia).