Service-Learning Upscaling Social Inclusion for Kids

Fresh Ideas for Social Inclusion

Best practices

The partnership of organizations and educational institutions with a vast knowledge on the topic of service learning.


Tailored made activities for educators and students out of the box.


Comprehensive training module for the teachers and role models in creating the state of the art service learning modules for everyone to use. 

Network of Practitioners

Check out ours Teachers and Role Model Training Toolkit

Project activities

What have we planned?

These are the major outputs of the project we planned for the upcoming period.

State of the Art Report

Research describing the state of the art around Europe concerning service learning.

Upscaling the service-learning models

A service learning curriculum to be used in secondary schools for students aged 12-16.

Teacher and Role Model Training Toolkit in different languages

Training programme for school teachers and role models involved in the programme.

Piloting the service-learning model in schools

A series of events will take place to facilitate discussions on cross-sectorial level.

Quality Assurance, monitoring and evaluation

The quality assurance will be targeting the process analysis with continuous improvement.

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