University of Granada

The UGR (1531) is a public comprehensive research university with approx. 56,000 students, 3,600 academics, 1,900 administrative and support staff. Its 27 Faculties and Schools and 124 Departments offer 62 undergraduate degrees, 106 master’s degrees and 28 doctoral programmes organized in 3 overarching doctoral schools. It has 15 research institutes and over 400 research teams working in all disciplinary fields.

The UGR is currently ranked 3rd in Spain according to the Shanghai ranking (2019) and is the leading regional university in the south of Spain, with 34 disciplines appearing in the top 500. As a public higher education institution, it is committed not only to quality and excellence in education, learning and research but also to activities targeting the transfer of scientific, technical, and artistic knowledge to society, the betterment of society and a sustainable environment.

The University of Granada has, for over ten years, implemented a service-learning model based around Role Models. It involves university students going into schools and acting as role models, peer mentors and peer tutors with other young people. Several recent publications from the research department correspond to these areas of Service-Learning, Mentoring, Tutoring and Peer-learning. Five years ago the university also organized the national Spanish conference on Service-Learning and for the last three years been a member of the board of the Spanish Association of Service -Learning.