Matej Bel University

Matej Bel University has been implementing service-learning since 2005/2006. MBU is a leader in the field in Central and Eastern Europe. In 2016, MBU took an active part in spreading the strategy in Central and Eastern Europe and the main researcher was invited, as an expert, to take part in the conception of support for the region. Moreover, in 2016, MBU entered the international programme directed by Clayss supporting the development of service-learning at universities. More than 30 teachers of the university were trained for implementation of the strategy. At the same time, a platform for an exchange of information and experience in the field was created.

MBU understands service-learning as a key path to fulfil its strategic third mission. Except for the implementation of service-learning, there is an intention on the research of outcomes and impact of service-learning. This process involves mainly the Faculty of Education, which has expertise in educational research. There is a Centre for Educational Research at the Faculty of Education operating. The mission of the Centre for Educational Research is to develop basic, applied and action-oriented research into school reality in its wider societal and cultural contexts. At the same time, it initiates and participates in organizing the creation and development of favorable conditions for the improvement of educational research at PF MBU.

Researchers and teachers at MBU have rich experiences with the evaluation reports, international projects and evaluation research in cooperation with schools on the lower level of education.