The University College of Teacher Education in Vienna

The University College of Teacher Education in Vienna is internationally very well linked to the advantage of our students, graduates and teaching staff. We pride ourselves on an established network of about 90 partner universities and colleges across Europe. The University has three major areas of responsibility: the education of compulsory and vocational teachers, the education and training of teachers and the professional-related research. (Teacher training programs for “Bachelor of Education” and Master Studies.

At the PHW over 400 lecturers provide high quality teaching to roughly 3.000 students annually. These Students are being prepared scientifically and practically to the teaching profession. One special feature at Austrian Universities of Teacher Education is that they house so-called “Praxissschulen” on their university campus. These schools (primary and secondary schools) can be referred to as “test schools” which enable students as well as university staff a very close and good cooperation and direct communication and exchange of experiences.

The University College of Teacher Education Vienna puts great effort into making the teaching profession its focal point. Education, Training and Continuing Professional Development, in conjunction with Research ensure that the demands of the teaching profession and other related educational professional fields are met in a sustained manner. These efforts require education to be based on educational science, teaching methodology, subject didactics and teaching practice.

The exceptionally high strength of the University College of Teacher Education Vienna lies in the confluence of research-based educational competencies in all educational fields and across all age groups, which are strongly embedded in professional practice.